Financial ICE Pack

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What is the Financial ICE Pack

  • In
  • Case of
  • Emergency
  • Creating a Financial ICE Pack is a good way of preparing for the worst and helping you and your family to deal with life’s unexpected events
  • The Financial ICE Pack is what we help you with in your time of need

How we help you

  • In case of death, serious illness, injury or being incapacitated, the most important thing will be to get in touch with important individuals
  • We will assist you in compiling a list of the most important people to contact In Case of Emergency
  • This list will include primary family members and important 3rd parties
  • 3rd parties could be your attorney, financial advisor, insurance and also maybe your employer

Why a Financial ICE Pack

  • We have all had someone that we have lost, it may have been a loved one, a colleague, a family friend
  • During this period, your family are going through a stressful time and don’t need the added burden of dealing with paperwork
  • We are here to assist and finalize the contents of your ICE Pack, so that you would have peace of mind that your family is taken off
  • Basically fulfilling your wishes