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Investing or saving money is key to achieving the goals you have set in life. BRK Financial Services offers an investment and savings solutions in which you can invest and each one is structured to meet a selection of investment needs.

Start by identifying your goal – are you investing for growth or for income?

  • Investing for growth means you are willing to invest a lump sum for a select period of time.
  • Investing for income means you need a product that will ensure some capital growth and pay out an income on a regular basis.


Investing for Growth

You can dream almost anything, and still achieve it. But to do that you’ll need to work towards that dream. Saving for a dream car, an overseas holiday or for ‘in case of emergency’ works the same way. Put away what you can, as soon as you can, and it will grow over time. The key is to start saving as much as you can afford. And the best time to start is today.The first step towards reaching your goal with Investing for Growth is to have a lump sum invested over a period of time thus compounding your capital, year on year. With returns that will make your long term dreams become a reality.


Investing for Income

Certain investments, like income funds, offer you the best of both worlds – income generation plus exposure to the growth potential of the markets. The Investing for Income investments assists all life stages from your early working years right through to supplementing your retirement income.Who would not want to earn and additional income month on month? The Investing for Income is a product where your lump sum works for you and once the investment matures you have the flexibility of re-investing or drawing out the capital. It’s the best of both worlds.